(Mis) Understanding Politics and Politicians


I actually didn’t know how to start out this piece, not because of the fact that almost every blogger has written much about it that some might want to ask what more there is to write, but because i felt it wise, or good to give a rather clear view to that Kenyan who didn’t have the time to read ‘between the political lines’ in this matter. so after a few ‘type and backspace’, I’ve just decided to be plain, or simple about it, to take things Easy. Though I know with politics, more so Kenyan Politics, ‘taking things easy’ might be considered a very misplaced sentence.

Okay, We can say that around here, those who agree with you politically do everything to protect your evils, your weaknesses and anything or everything negatively associated with you while publicizing your positive side. the bottom line is they want to show as much as possible what a good person you are or have been for the period they have known you as their politically correct friend. Unfortunately the opposite applies when they are in contrary to your beliefs. Of which they’ll do all they can to expose your negative image.

A while ago rumor had it that the Mombasa Governor, who happens to be the deputy party leader of one of the major opposition parties in Kenya, had turned down an alleged request from the ruling party to join them, something that may have not been received well by the leader of the ruling party as was explained by the source of that rumor. but, just like any other rumor you may hear or have heard, it has never been confirmed nor denied by anyone.


One might argue that The Governor’s control of Coastal region may have sent shivers, tremors, Adrenalin and any other thing that can be sent, down the throats, or veins, of the ruling party heavyweights and they may have burnt midnight oil trying to come up, or down, with ways to end the opposition grip, and to an extension the Governor’s grip, of the coastal region.

Rallies and project launches have taken place at the coastal towns in the recent past all courtesy of the Government, or more so the ruling party. but one launch that attracted attention and elicited mixed reaction from Kenyans of ‘all walks of life’ was the launch, or re-launch, of the Mtongwe ferry where the Governor was blocked from attending for whatever reasons there was.

The governor, according to a few people, was the main stumbling block to a political marriage, or wedding, between the ruling party and the coastal region. we later heard utterances of how one was not the other’s wife and stuff like that.

Series of what many, or few depending on who you ask, would call intimidation against the Governor has been witnessed in the follow up to all these developments. All of a sudden the National Examination body, which very rarely comes to mind when the word ‘political conflict’ is mentioned, found their voice, or pen in this case, and gave out a statement on how the Governor’s certificate was supposedly fake and the governor needed to be investigated, a thought that was hurriedly shared by the Education ministry.

Government entities seemed to act with a kind of speed never witnessed before in following up the Governor’s case because sooner than later a police summon had been sent.

Former Classmate of the Governor came out to defend him just as fast as the criticisms of the said ‘fake certificate’ flew in from every corner, after which the Governor’s former high school released a statement clarifying the matter.

We are yet to see where everything leads to in the end considering that some police statements had to be written and more rallies might follow thereafter.

But what I can say is, Next time a political enemy, or friend wants to ‘teach you a lesson’. make sure you got all your papers and, if need be, your classmates all lined up ready to testify.




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