Bit By Bit at 23rd August BitCamp

The leaders of tomorrow , as some people might choose to call them, are no longer sleeping.  Of course not everyone agrees with this statement,  but for the few who agree, or many depending on statistics, might also observe that these leaders of tomorrow, or the youth as we know them, are being empowered bit by bit to fight for their rights.

One of such empowerment programs, or trainings was the 24th august bitcamp that took place at the Global platform Nairobi, the theme of the day was the Greatdebater, and every bit taken was to be under the great debater.

We arrived in bits, and started a little bit late than the scheduled 2pm. Each one of us was to take atleast two bits under the greatdebater, a task that was made almost impossible by the internet which kept coming in bits, and most of us were from time to time made to wait, but our training spirit was stronger than ever and we did our best to take atleast two bits, doing it bit by bit.

After we had shared our bits, we paired in twos and each person commented on his partners bit.

As you may already have guessed, the day could not go without having some kind of a debate, it was the great debater, come on.

We made two teams, team A and team B, and each team came up with sets of questions to ask the other team. I was part of team B and we came up with our questions which were inspired by what we had learnt, we wanted to see if our colleagues from the other team had also understood the site well. here are some of the questions from both teams. 

Team A Team B

As we were coming up with our bit of questions,  we knew little  that the other team’s questions were aimed at challenging us, real challenge.

So the debate rolled on, and I was the first with my bit of questions from team B,  among the questions, we wanted them to tell us different ways of signing up, the idea behind the global change lab, the hashtag we are using, how we get the shares and the skill we were taking. Which was just a piece, or bit, of cake to them.

But the real shocker came when it was their turn to ask the questions, we never saw it coming, they wanted to know how youths from places with no internet can participate in the global change lab, how we were going to effect the gained skills, why there are less youths participating in the global change lab, what we can do to cope with the negative attitude and why we must campaign through social media.

As part of the team B, and unlike team A, we struggled to answer the questions which involved doing a lot of explanation, some which didn’t satisfy our opponents and they ended up giving us less marks.

But at the end of the day, our facilitator told us that we were all winners, something  I thought was just meant to console us.


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